Dirty Smith League

This page is dedicated to the education and continued demonstrated discussion of the art and craft of blacksmithing and those craftsmen and people looking for help.

Dirty Smith® Consultant

Looking for help on your project? Design? A topic on something related a project you are working and need another smith to take a look at it? Contact me for some help! One-on-one Rory will sit with you, go over your notes and we will explore your options. These are an hourly charged meeting determined based on the topic. Contact Dirty Smith for more in-depth meetings about your blacksmithing related topics. 

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Example of Dirty Smith Tutorials: 

 How To Forge Vines


How to Make a Jig Wall


Build what they have in mind


How to Roll Barrels and Forge Hinges

 Heat Treating Talk part 1 (cold working tools)

Heat treating tool steal part 2 (cold working tools)

How to forge a trammel hook 

How to use bending forks and forge a lamb's tongue out of metal

How to forge Collars