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Rory May

President / Designer / Blacksmith

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Marketing Director

Our story:

Strike while the iron is hot!

About The Dirty Smith® 

DirtySmith® is a blacksmith offering a range of design, forge and fabrication services to produce custom products, metal designs, as well as offers consultation to other metalworkers/blacksmiths alike looking for advice and feedback on blacksmithing and metalworking related topics.  


Taking your concepts and inspiration, Rory uses his experience in building and design, draws inspiration from the early American “Arts and Crafts” philosophy and interpretation of the craftsman style to modern ironwork. 

Custom Projects

An example of previous projects, but not limited to: 

Custom Designed Fireplace tools, 
 FIreplace doors, Fireplace screens Custom 
hardware pulls 
 Custom Mirrors Security window/door grills 
 Forged decorative iron elements for wine cellars 
 Kitchen Range Hoods 
 Custom Forged Steel Balusters for your railings

The Unspoken Philosophy of "Grit"

I was asked by a contractor about the name "Dirty Smith" and we had a discussion about work, iron, custom projects, the hours and dedication is takes. He replied " I like your Grit. The name is appropriate and he took my bussiness card." Some thoughts about Grit.

“Over time, grit is what separates fruitful lives from aimlessness.” -John Ortberg

"As psychologists have emphasized, achieving difficult, long-term goals requires the capacity for perseverance, or “grit.” We argue that grit is distinct from familiar philosophical notions like willpower and continence. Specifically, grit has an important epistemic dimension: quitting is often caused by a loss of confidence that continued effort will result in success. Correspondingly, successful exercises of grit often involve “epistemic resilience” in the face of setbacks suggesting that success is not forthcoming.-ASJC Scopus

Strike while the iron is hot!